Web Services

A Web content management system facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and other essential Web maintenance functions. It allows you to securely login to your own site from any internet-connected computer and easily manage your content yourself.

At Blue Earth Media, we provide internet marketing services and solutions that will attract visitors and hits to your website.  At any moment thousands of people are actively searching the internet to find services and/or products that you could be offering.

Web applications, web programming & database driven websites have become more and more neccessary.Your organisation may need a simple web application (e.g. allowing clients to look up personal details or place orders) or a complex program (e.g. interfacing with a company database or other computer system). Clients should benefit from being able to find customer information or place an order when they need to. Your company can benefit by reducing administration through client self-service porgrams.

At Blue Earth Media, we understand the importance of your company and your deadlines. We are flexible at delivering exactly what you want, when you need it. We believe in keeping a strong relationship with all of our clients and establishing a partnership that will allow you to realize your goals and ambitions.

We design every website with a number of key elements in mind.